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About Us

Designing and supporting voice and data communications is what we do here at One Source Communications in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We take a great deal of pride in our personalized and responsive service. Our customer relationship always starts with gaining a thorough understanding of what your business needs. The keys are the specific functionality you need to improve your efficiency, customer service, and productivity. Looking for "features" can be confusing and unproductive. Focusing on your business communication goals will lead us to the actual benefits of new technologies.

Meeting Your Business Goals

When it comes to voice and data communications, business goals are normally simple. Your staff needs to be able to contact each other and collaborate effectively no matter where they are, whether you have a single location or multiple offices across the country. Your customers need to be able to reach the right people in your organization easily and quickly.

Good First Impressions

For most businesses, your customers' first impression of your business will be how quickly and professionally you handle their initial contact with you. One Source Communications has worked with hundreds of businesses of all types to streamline processes and implement efficiencies. This contributes to happier customers, saves your staff time, and saves you money. This is what we do.

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Tailoring Systems to Your Needs

Our goal is to understand what your business wants to do and develop the ideal voice and data system for you. It is important to us to maintain our reputation for being extremely responsive and competitive on cost. Whether you have a small office in a single location or multiple offices spread across the country we have the experience and the ability to design systems that work for you.  Just as importantly, we have extensive resources for phone service, internet service, dedicated fiber networks, and all the connectivity you need. This saves you money and streamlines your operation.

Get To Know Our Owner

Ken Seningen has spent more than a quarter-century in this industry, expanding his service to encompass local service, telephone equipment, and networking equipment. There have been many changes in the communications industry during his career, and the services we provide have grown and developed in order to keep up with them.